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Encompass/DECUS Timeline

Encompass and its predecessor the DECUS U.S. Chapter have a long heritage. Shall we try to reconstruct a timeline of noteworthy events? Those of us who've been around a long time need to pass on some of that heritage and lore to those who are new to Encompass!

Let's include the following types of entries:

  • Conferences: dates, locations, major speakers, major announcements
  • Founding of DECUS/Encompass LUGs, SIGs, and so on
  • Firsts and lasts associated with DECUS or Encompass (hey, no smart-mouth suggestions, okay?)
  • Interesting tidbits
  • Red-letter days

Let's try to keep each entry fairly brief, just to keep this timeline from becoming too cumbersome to read and too cumbersome to maintain.

Let's have some fun with this!

If you have suggestions or corrections for these timelines, please send them to

Caveat utilitens: While we'll try to keep this page accurate, there's always the possibility of mistakes and omissions. Bear with us!

The Timelines