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Encompass Board of Directors

Why I've Served on the Encompass Board of Directors

Jim Becker, The Urban Institute

Having served two terms on the Encompass Board of Directors, I'll share with you my reasons for serving on the Board.

From my employer's point of view, my participation on the Board gives the organization access to information, contacts, and resources we wouldn't have had otherwise, or wouldn't have found as readily. It gives us extra leverage and clout when we're dealing with HP, HP partners, and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). It's another way to put the organization's name on the map. Internally, it gives our IT group extra clout and credibility by showing that we participate in reputable professional organizations. My service on the Board doesn't cost my employer any money; that helps our training budget, because my registration and travel costs to the HP Technology Forum are covered.

From the point of view of professional development, I've learned a lot in my time on the Board. I'm exposed to more and broader technical information than I'd get in my normal job. I get business experience as well by being close to the strategic planning, financial planning, and management of a well-run non-profit corporation. At the same time, I learn more about the inner workings of a large international corporation. Service on a board of directors looks good on a resume, too.

On a personal level, it's fun. I get to meet a variety of people. It's a way for me to give back to the community, in return for all I've learned through user groups over the years. It's a way to meet People Who Understand -- fellow IT professionals who believe in best practices, and who aim higher than the least common denominator. It's great to work with a group of people where personal integrity and competence are the norm.

I encourage HP customers who understand IT issues and business issues to run for the Encompass Board of Directors.

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