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2007 Board of Directors Election Candidates

The following individuals have been slated by the Nominations Committee for consideration by the membership during the 2007 Board of Directors Election:

Encompass thanks our 2007 Nominations Committee for their time and dedication in selecting this slate!

Steve Davidek

Steve Davidek

City of Sparks, Nevada

I currently work for the City of Sparks, Nevada as part of the Sparks IT management team with responsibility for the Operations and Systems budget, equipment forecasting and strategic planning.

I would like to continue using my experience working with HP as a customer Advocate for the Encompass users and in the future, move into other areas that will help HP better understand and work with their very vocal enterprise system users.

I have held many volunteer positions in the Boy Scouts from council training chairman to den leader for my son. I have received many awards for these positions including the National Distinguished Service Award given nationally to about 40 Scouts and Scouters every two years. I am an Eagle Scout.

I have spent the past two years as Vice President for our High School Band Boosters. I was the prop chair for the marching band field shows the past 3 years.

I was the leader of the Sierra Regional HP User Group from 1991 to 1997 and was the chair of the Local User Group Support committee for Interex from 1997-2000. I was the Advocacy chair for Interex from 2000 until last summer.

While working with the ASC both for Interex and Encompass I was able to build excellent lines of communications with the various user groups and the Advocacy chairs from around the world including HP Interex-EMEA (and their numerous national groups), Encompass Asia/Pacific, ITUG and OpenView Forum.

I feel that I can bring a new voice to the board. I’ve been watching Encompass from the wings and now as a non-voting member of the board. I may not always have the right or the best idea but I’m not afraid to voice my opinion when I feel it is needed. When I was asked by the Encompass board to continue as a customer advocate for Encompass after Interex folded last year, I was humbled to think that the work I’ve been doing was noticed and appreciated. I hope that I can continue doing this for many years. I hope to gain the experience working with a board so that when our IT manager retires in a couple of years I would have more experience working with management teams (department heads). The city will benefit by this experience and other contacts made because of the visibility they will have by supporting an employee who is involved in a user group.

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Glen Kuykendall


I currently serve as the Senior Director, Data Center of the Americas at GTECH. My primary job responsibilities involve establishing the vision, mission, and strategic objectives and direct all functions associated with GTECH’s Data Center and Network operations in the Americas.

I would like to serve on the Board because of the opportunities to gain additional technical knowledge, expand the IT community network, continue personal development, and influence HP product direction under a single umbrella organization.

My comprehensive understanding of senior technology management expectations proved especially beneficial as the Encompass representative to the CIO track content team for the Compaq Enterprise Technical Symposium in Los Angeles. Additional volunteer activities include:

  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Town and Country Soccer
  • United Way

In addition to significant experience leading large enterprise IT organizations, I am a small business owner with proven skills in effective budget management, continuous process improvement, and promoting the relationship between technology and core business functions.

Encompass provides an opportunity to stay connected to technology (both products and services), develop and strengthen relationships with HP and their clients, and increase leadership, marketing/sales, and interpersonal skills.

GTECH will benefit through potential influence and knowledge of the overall HP product direction (significant OpenView and OpenVMS environment) and awareness of industry trends.

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Narendra Sharma

Meriter Health Services, Inc.

As the Information Systems Manager of Datacenters and Operations for the last 18 years at Meriter Health Services in Madison, WI, I have managed a staff of seventeen operators and technical specialists supporting three datacenters in a 24x7x365 environment. In addition, as a member of the IS management team, I have been an active participant in the strategic, tactical and financial planning activities for the department. I hold Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Meriter Health Services, Inc. employs approximately 3,400 people, is a locally governed organization and is strongly committed to the people and communities it serves. Meriter Health Service's family of companies includes Meriter Hospital (a 448-bed non-profit community and teaching hospital), Meriter Medical Clinic, Meriter Retirement (independent, assisted living and nursing home services), Meriter Home Health (comprehensive home health care services), General Medical Laboratories (reference laboratory), Meriter Foundation (charitable arm of Meriter Health Services), and Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation (Meriter owns two thirds of PPIC, a HMO).

I have served as session hosts for several INTEREX (HPWORLD) events and have been a speaker for two HPWORLD conferences. I was treasurer (1998), president elect (1999), President (2000) and, Past President (2001) of AIA, Wisconsin – a not-for-profit organization.

If I am elected to the Board of Directors, I would like to bring additional former INTEREX users to ENCOMPASS to further strengthen the organization. I want to see HP and ENCOMPASS succeed as a team and expect to have open, frank, candid and honest communication with the board members and general membership. As a member of the Board of Directors, ENCOMPASS will benefit from my dedication, hard work and my passion for learning. I will bring a multi-cultural perspective, skill set and talents as well as learn from my volunteer services to ENCOMPASS. I have been a long time user of HP3000/MPE systems and have recently started managing HP-UX systems. My company will benefit from the valuable suggestions and learning that I will bring back from Encompass.

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Dena Wright

Ameripath, Inc.

I am a senior systems analyst at Ameripath, Inc., one of the leading anatomic pathology and molecular practices in the United States.

As a Board member the last several years, I have participated in the changes that have been made, but there is more that needs to be done to make Encompass truly ‘Your HP Enterprise Technology User Group’.

During my first term on the Encompass Board of Directors, some of the projects I have focused on have been the Encompass bylaws, Board minutes, membership surveys to determine current membership demographics and skills and to determine member satisfaction and ways to increase growth and retention of members, scholarship awards, LUGs, and SIGs.

The future of Encompass is its members. In the last several years, Encompass has made great strides in supporting its members through new programs, partnerships, and support to the local user groups, but it still needs to explore new methods of encouraging and supporting the local user groups to facilitate the exchange of information and networking among its members. Encompass, also, needs to explore ways to support and encourage the younger generation as they enter the world of technology. I also believe that Encompass should offer its members more opportunities to volunteer their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the community of IT professionals represented by the organization.

I have been an active DECUS/Encompass member and volunteer since 1990. Besides attending the symposiums and seminars, I have participated on four Content Advisory Teams (CAT), and presented sessions at several symposiums. As a longtime member of the DFWLUG/DFWCUG, I have served on the Steering Committee, participated in the monthly "newsletter folding parties", and helped organize DFWDays and other local events.

As a member of the Alliance of Technology and Women (ATW), which is a non-profit organization that supports women who share the interest of empowering women in technology, increasing the number of women in executive roles, and encouraging women and girls to enter technology fields, I am serving on the Dallas Chapter’s leadership team as the Director of Communications. This involves maintaining the web site and event communication with the 1100 local members. I have, also, been the co-chair of the yearly event in which more than 200 girls between the ages of 10 and 17 participate to help bridge the gap between the technology industry and schools, while having fun. This year, the platinum sponsor of the event was HP.

By serving on the Encompass Board of Directors for another term, I hope to continue to contribute by supporting the current Encompass members in delivering technology solutions to their organizations and to help in the rebuilding of the Encompass membership.

I have received so much from DECUS/Encompass over the years, both technically and personally; and would like the opportunity to give back to the organization.

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