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Encompass Election FAQ

Why should I run for the Board of Directors?
A: As a member of Encompass, you have seen the benefits of participating in a users group. Managing a users group, however, affords you another level of professional and personal benefit. As a member of the Encompass Board of Directors, you will have an incredible opportunity to become a peer leader and positively affect the future of this organization. You will develop strong relationships and contacts within the user community and HP, and also augment your professional skill set by managing a not-for-profit corporation. View a detailed list of the benefits of volunteering. We encourage you to explore this opportunity and put your vision for the future of Encompass in motion!

Q: What are the requirements of a member of the Board of Directors?
A: View the Board of Directors' job description.

Q: What are the responsibilities of a member of the Board of Directors?
A: View a list of the responsibilities associated with the position.

Q: What time commitment is required to serve on the Board?
A: View detail on the time commitment required to serve on the Board.

Q: Which members of the Board of Directors have terms expiring at the end of 2006? Are they eligible for re-election?
A: Jim Becker, David Drake and Dena Wright all have terms expiring at the end of the year. Due to term limitations specified in the Encompass By-Laws, Jim Becker is not eligible for re-election. David Drake and Dena Wright are both completing their first term in office and are eligible for re-election.

Q: How is the Nominating Committee chosen?
A: Nominating committee members are chosen from the Encompass membership and appointed by the President with the approval of the Board.

Q: How does the Nominating Committee select candidates for the slate?
A: Extensive interviews are held with a series of questions posed to each candidate. Qualities that are important to the committee are current experience with management, leadership, HP technologies, and affinity for user groups. (View ideal candidate qualities).

Q: How are the votes tabulated, and when are they public?
A: Online votes are tabulated electronically. Any faxed votes are inputted into the electronic tally by Encompass Headquarters. All results are validated by the Nominating Committee. Results will be announced on Friday, October 27, 2006 via posting on the Encompass Web site.

Q: How many signed petitions are required for nomination by petition?
A: Per Section 2.1 of the Encompass By-Laws, nomination by petition calls for signatures equal in number to at least fifteen percent (15%) of the number of members who voted in the preceding election, or 50 members, whichever is higher. Fifteen percent of the 106 members who voted in the previous election is 15.9, so 50 signed petitions are required for nomination by petition.

Q: Why does the petition deadline fall before the Annual Conference?
A: Encompass hosts a "Meet the Candidates" at the Annual Conference; therefore it is important to have all candidates in place by this time.

Q: Why is the slate being announced to the membership before the petition deadline?
A: The Nominating Committee has the appointed task, per the By-Laws, of choosing the best candidates to present to the membership. Announcing the Nominating Committee's slate first gives members an opportunity to consider the slate before they decide whether to pursue the petition process. The petition process is an independent process - the two are not dependent upon the other.

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