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Previous Encompass Elections

2006 Board of Directors Election Results

The following individuals were elected to the Encompass Board of Directors, and will serve terms beginning in 2006 through 2008.

They will join directors Jim Becker, Nina Buik, Smoot Carl-Mitchell, David Drake, Tony Ioele, and Dena Wright to comprise the 2006 Board of Directors.

Encompass would like to also thank our other outstanding candidates in the 2006 Election for their participation. We look forward to continuing to work with them during 2006:

Rochelle Lauer
Wayne McDilda

Kristi Browder

Kristi Browder

Silicon Laboratories

I am currently employed as the Director of Information Technology for Silicon Laboratories. Silicon Laboratories is the global leader in innovation of high-performance, analog-intensive mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) solutions. I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of the global infrastructure supporting design centers and business offices in 3 continents.

I have served in a volunteer capacity with either DECUS or Encompass since 1990 and have served on both the DECUS and Encompass Boards of Directors. I am currently serving as President of Encompass. Since my Presidency began, Encompass has been profitable, we have partnered in 3 events with other user groups and we have an excellent relationship with HP.

I would like to finish out my term as President to see the Encompass strategy we have developed become reality. We have faced many challenges during my most recent term on the board and we are finally making headway. We are financially sound and have an excellent partnership with Hewlett Packard. We are working well with the other HP User Groups and I would like to continue to strengthen those relationships. My vision is to grow Encompass into a healthy, independent and technical member-driven organization that supports and integrates products and services from HP. To accomplish this, Encompass needs to support the users of legacy products still in production as well as to help direct the evolution of new products and services.

My objectives include:
  • Continuing a technical forum that fosters information exchange among members and HP
  • Increasing membership by 10% annually
  • Developing a communications plan that will deliver a return on investment for vendors and other user groups that partner with Encompass
  • Achieve operating income of 25%

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Rochelle Lauer

Rochelle Lauer

Yale University Physics Department

I am the Director of High Energy Physics Computing for Yale University's Physics Department. I am responsible for the total computer budget as well as the 3-5 year plan for the facility.

I believe that Encompass provides a unique opportunity to bring together technical resources - both people and products. Both the vendor and the customers benefit from user group participation. I would like to see this participation increase and would like to help make this happen by serving on the Board of Directors.

I have been involved with DECUS and Encompass for many years. I served on the Encompass Board of Directors for five years and have participated in talks and seminars at many events.

As a Board of Director, Encompass would benefit from my enthusiasm, technical knowledge and organizational skills. I would hope to gain by learning from the experiences and expertise of my colleagues (both HP and customers).

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John Maynen

John Maynen

Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation is among the world's largest information technology consulting firms with engagements worldwide. As a Senior Consultant for CSC, I manage a software development team consisting of 3 architects and 7 developers, all located at client sites. Our primary platform is an Alpha cluster running on OpenVMS

I have been a long-time user of products originated by DEC and HP. I first started computing on HP2000 series machines as a teenager. I first used PDP-11/70s in college and since 1987 have been in VAX/Alpha/OpenVMS and Tru64 or HP3000/HP9000 HP-UX shops in various software development capacities. From my experience, I believe these products overall to be excellent products.

I appreciate what past and present Encompass directors have accomplished and I hope to build upon those accomplishments. I would like to work with HP to improve their marketing and support of these technologies and to grow the user community. I have seen too many projects where the task was a migration from the OpenVMS platform and the reasons given centered around concerns over HP's commitment to continuing support and concerns over availability of OpenVMS developers in the future. I would like to work with Encompass and with HP to reverse this trend.

I have served on a number of local community organizations and also served as an election judge. For my homeowners association, I chaired the Long Range Planning Committee and was then elected to the Board of Directors where I served in the capacities of Treasurer and Secretary during my term. I have provided support for numerous temporary and permanent organizations over the years, although not usually in leadership roles. I have always preferred to work directly with those in need of assistance. In addition, I founded and am the leader of the OpenVMS network on and have been networking with IT professionals using networking tools like Ryze, LinkedIn, ZeroDegrees, Tribe, Ecademy, and Spoke. I plan to continue to grow my network and encourage others to network to open up the channels of communication for mutual benefit.

Encompass will benefit from my leadership and management skills, but I believe the real benefit lies in my passion for working with this technology. It's not just about skills and talents - it's also about energy.

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Wayne McDilda

Wayne McDilda

Mirage Networks

Mirage Networks is developing a family of security products that fill the gaps in existing network security offerings. As a Senior Security Analyst, my primary responsibilities include technology oversight, product development, all phases of product developing/testing, QA and customer support for engineering services.

I have participated in several technology planning sessions resulting in the Information Resources Strategic plan for the State of Texas. I have direct experience with small and large business strategic planning in the areas of sales, technology, marketing and security.

I would like to serve on the Board of Directors so that I further the goals and activities of Encompass, help lead the strategic direction of the technology market from the users viewpoint, and benefit from the experience of other Board members and the Encompass membership as a whole.

I am the volunteer system administrator (using HP products) and security instructor for the first community network- Metropolitan Austin Area Network (MAIN). MAIN provides free web hosting for non-profits in the Austin Area. I participated in MAIN board meeting concerning outreach, membership, legal/copyright and financial activities.

I have been a volunteer program director for a radio show on a community radio station bringing educational programs on technology and the Internet to citizens of Austin, Texas. I served on the programmer's council and assisted in reviewing and voting on station policy, financial, fundraising, and membership programs. I also participated as an active and dedicated member of Austin Symphonic Band for the last 15 years. I served as an Executive Committee member and speaker for -The Southwest Regional Symposium on Business Continuity, Information Security, and Audit. Consec has produced several successful, profitable, and educational conferences over the past 5 years combining local talent, regional membership associations and national speakers.

I expect to receive frank and open communication from other board members, managers, and membership concerning their views and priorities as well as timely and relevant information in order to make and support decisions in the actives I am involved. I expect to receive the benefit of personal exposure to decision making processes, public speaking, and access to technology/market leaders.

Encompass, in turn, will receive frank, open, relevant, helpful and lawful advice from me and receive dedicated time and best efforts of my activities on behalf of the membership. Encompass will benefit from my varied experience in business, technology, community, and volunteer participation. I expect Encompass to be a better, coordinated, pleasant and valuable experience for its members, advisors, board and vendors.

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Clyde Poole

Clyde Poole

TECSys Development, Inc.

I currently serve as the Director of Professional Services at TECSys Development, Inc. I am responsible for directing and managing the professional services (consulting) group. In addition, I assist with sales and delivery of services and am responsible for sales goals and margins.

Encompass and DECUS have been an important part of my personal and professional growth. The opportunity to develop skills and to practice Board level management is a major factor in my wish to continue on serving on the Board. In addition, Encompass is important to me personally. The success of the organization has been and will continue to be one of my personal goals.

While on the Board of DECUS, I helped to craft the Bylaws of what became Encompass. I have helped guide the organization through the effects of economic downturn and through two corporate mergers that had huge effects on Encompass. I have also helped to bring new blood to the Encompass Board.

Outside of Encompass, I was an assistant Girl Scout leader while my children grew up. I spent many hours standing at the end of swimming lanes as a timer and lane judge at swim meets. In college, I was the Chairman of the Greater New Orleans Chapter of the ACM. At this time I was also on the Board of Trustees of the Inner City Parish of the Methodist Church.

Encompass has been and will continue to be important to my company. As a 'high tech' software company, many of our customers are shared with HP and other HP partners. The relationships that the Board fosters are invaluable to my day to day job, giving me people who I can go to with a question or a need.

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