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Previous Encompass Elections

2004 Board of Directors Election Results

The following individuals were elected to the Encompass Board of Directors, and will serve terms beginning in 2004 through 2006.

They will join directors Kristi Browder, Smoot Carl-Mitchell, Clay Denton, Rochelle Lauer, Barbara Nicholson, and Clyde Poole to comprise the 2004 Board of Directors.

Encompass would like to also thank our other outstanding candidates in the 2004 Election for their participation. We look forward to continuing to work with them during 2004:

A final thank you to our 2004 Nominating Committee and the members who voted!

Mark Ansboury

Mark Ansboury

Telsource Corporation

Mr. Ansboury served nine years in the US Navy and earned a certificate in Electrical Engineering in Communications, as well as a BSBA from Hawaii Pacific College, and an MSSM from the University of Southern California.

Mr. Ansboury is currently responsible for the overall strategy and profit/loss of Telsource's Managed Network Services. Prior to joining Telsource, Mr. Ansboury was founder, President, Director and Chief Technology Officer for a number of technology based companies. Mr. Ansboury provides a broad based experience in administration, engineering, operations and fiscal management.

Encompass represents the confluence of the development, deployment and use of technology at a time where the inherent use of technology will have a profound effect on its users. I believe that there is a unique opportunity for Encompass to develop an understanding of its use and influence the way technology is incorporated into businesses and our lives.

As a member of the Encompass Board I plan to work with the members of Encompass and the executive members of HP to identify opportunities to more effectively communicate the needs of the HP user community.

My Goals during my tenure include:
  • Employing more effective means to communicate issues and ideas between the Encompass members and its sponsors
  • Identifying opportunities for Encompass and HP to better serve its user community
  • Identifying the means to effective communicate and share new technologies, services and success stories

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Jim Becker

The Urban Institute

Jim Becker, of The Urban Institute in Washington D.C., has been in the computing field for over 20 years, including non-profit, commercial, and academic organizations. He has been an HP/Compaq/Digital customer all along.

Jim is currently serving his first term on the Encompass Board of Directors, having been chosen by the Board as Secretary/Treasurer for each year of this term. His other current Encompass roles include: member of the core content team for HP World 2003, editor of the Encompass Points newsletter, overseer of the Encompass web site, Encompass mailing list site administrator, and participant in the Encompass survey committee.

Jim has been a member of Encompass (and the DECUS U.S. Chapter before that) since 1982. He has chaired the Encompass Local User Group ESILUG, in the Washington D.C. area, since 1995. He has been an Encompass/DECUS conference speaker since 1995, holding seminars, sessions, and workshops on various subjects, including OpenVMS, Windows, security, and HTML. He also participated in past ETS content advisory teams, and has participated regularly in multi-LUG initiatives. He received a DECUS Board medal in 1997.

Jim would like to see Encompass remain focused on two main areas: getting practical, technical information to the technologists of the HP customer base, and helping those technologists maintain a dialogue with HP regarding product directions. To achieve those goals, Encompass must remain fiscally viable and continue to engage in sound business practices.

Jim holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

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David P. Drake

David Drake

SAIC-Frederick, Inc.

David P. Drake is a Senior Database Administrator/Analyst with SAIC-Frederick, Inc., supporting the National Cancer Institute's Developmental Therapeutics Program. He has 20 years experience with DEC/COMPAQ/HP hardware and OpenVMS software, supporting chemical and biological research in both private and government sectors.

David has been a member of ESILUG and it's predecessors since the mid 1980's, and is an active member of the ESILUG steering committee for the past 4 years. He was a member of the Lug advice panel between November 1998 and April 2001.

David is currently the treasurer and Missions President in his local church. He has served on his church's advisory board, which oversees the administration, programs and finances of the church, over the last 15 years.

David earned a master's degree in Computer Science from Loyola College in Baltimore, MD and a bachelor's degree also in Computer Science from Mount Vernon Nazarene College in Mount Vernon, OH.

There are two areas that I would like to focus on as your representative on the Encompass Board of Directors:

Local User Groups and Special Interest Groups - this should be the lifeblood of Encompass. The training ground for future leaders and symposia speakers. Where networking with industry peers takes place at every meeting

Encompass Membership should have tangible value to the HP user community. Not every one is able to attend a national symposium or local user group. We need to investigate alternative media for providing the seminar experience to our membership.

Thank you for your Vote!

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Jim Gursha

High Performance Systems Solutions, Inc.

Jim Gursha has over 30 years of extensive business experience in the design, development, and implementation of new technology systems as they apply to viable market based solutions. He has expertise in analyzing and understanding the unique business requirements of end users and applying cost efficient technology towards management and implementation of complete solutions integrating HP hardware (enterprise clusters and SAN's) and software products into the enterprise. Jim's expertise in applying advanced technology to rapidly changing user problems has allowed him to develop life cycle methodologies for budgeting and managing both large and small-scale projects and interfacing with all levels throughout the business organization.

By using these proven and effective methodologies Jim will be able to apply his skills to work effectively with Encompass, HP and other associated organizations. By understanding the key Encompass group issues, he will be able to analyze and recognize the important business and technical problems and assist the organization with effective solutions.

Jim has a BA in Economics from Carnegie-Mellon University and spends his spare time doing photography, and market analysis.

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Wayne McDilda

Mirage Networks

Wayne McDilda is currently the Security Evangelist for Mirage Networks of Austin, Texas. I have over 20 years of programming, analysis, design and system management related to the use of computers and networks in state government and the private sector. I was the creator of the first state government website in 1993 and in 1994 was awarded the Grace Hopper Memorial Scholarship by the Federation of Government Information Processing Councils. I have a BS in Computer Science from Park College-Austin Center, Parkville, Missouri.

In the last 5 years I have specialized in strategic technology research, optimizing use of public networks, advancing the use of appropriate advanced technology within institutions, and evangelizing cross-organizational use of computers, networks and data through standards.

I have hosted a radio show, "Inside the Internet", and frequently give presentations on technology and the Internet. I currently serve as volunteer system administrator/Unix Geek for the Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network (MAIN) and Executive Board Member of Consec. When I am not pushing bits around, I can be found playing saxophone in the Austin Symphonic Band.

My goals as a board member:

  • Ensure the business continuance of the Encompass organization
  • Reinforce the views and priorities of the Encompass membership to the vendor community
  • Provide a real Return on Investment for membership and vendors interacting with Encompass
  • Lead the strategic direction of the technology market from the users viewpoint
  • Promote cost effective and innovative solutions such as TCP/IP and Open Source software.

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Fred Serino

Fred Serino

ESCO Corporation

Fred Serino is a Systems Architect/Administrator who has been working within the computer industry circa 1974. Since Y2K, he has been working for ESCO Corporation. A world-wide, privately held, steel manufacturing firm, headquartered in Portland, OR, Most of his tenure has been within the federal government as a government contractor. His only "vendor" employment was for Lotus Development Corp., as their capacity planner. Wherever Fred's worked, it has been where HP, (once Compaq...once Digital) H/W and S/W products are at work. Fred has a very strong passion for computer architectures, clustering, and Storage Area Networks. He has had the opportunity to present at CETS and within military/contractor specific seminars. Fred has also assisted HP-ETS and CETS as a volunteer for the Storage Advisory Teams, the Tru64 UNIX TAG, and various group effort surveys within IT in general.

He has numerous training and conference experiences under his belt...usually specific to tasks at hand, and has studied varied academic areas. Fred is currently a UNIX certified professional with a BA in Liberal Arts (alpha gamma sigma).

His vision is to support the evolution of HP "encompassing" the new architectures from the Compaq merger, and to assist in "our" IT evolution by building new alliances along the way.

Fred's goals as a board member are to represent the folks in the trenches from an SA/user viewpoint, and to help HP (and the Encompass alliance partners), better understand the issues companies and government agencies face in trying to stay proactive toward capacity planning.

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Dena Wright

Dena Wright

Baylor Health Care System

I am employed by Baylor Health Care System, a nationally recognized healthcare organization providing medical care in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the surrounding region. In my position, I am responsible for the development, building, and management of the enterprise infrastructure incorporating the HP products and technologies running on/with OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, I worked on the software vendor side of healthcare, serving as director of programming and development.

I have been an active DECUS/Encompass member and volunteer since 1990. Besides attending the symposiums and seminars, I have participated on four Content Advisory Teams (CAT), and presented sessions at several symposiums. As a longtime member of the DFWLUG/DFWCUG, I have served on the Steering Committee, participated in the monthly "newsletter folding parties", and helped organize DFWDays and other local events.

The future of Encompass is in its members. Encompass should explore new methods of encouraging and supporting the local user groups to facilitate the exchange of information and networking among its members. I also believe that Encompass should offer its members more opportunities to volunteer their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the community of IT professionals represented by the organization.

By serving on the Encompass Board of Directors, I hope to contribute by supporting the current Encompass members in delivering technology solutions to their organizations and to help in the rebuilding of the Encompass membership. I have received so much from DECUS/Encompass over the years, both technically and personally; and would like the opportunity to give back to the organization.

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