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Encompass Mission and Strategic Plan

  1. Encompass Membership
  2. Encompass Mission
  3. Encompass Strategic Values
  4. Encompass Strategic Goals

Encompass Membership

Who are we? Encompass is a community of IT professionals who deliver information technology solutions for complex and multi-system computing environments. Our members:

  • Build and manage the infrastructure of networks, storage, middleware, applications, workgroups, and systems
  • Deliver information from the corporate knowledge base to the user through the use of technologies such as data repositories and intranets/internets
  • Use the operating systems Windows 2000 servers, HP OpenVMS, Linux, MPE, Tru64 UNIX and/or HP-UX.
  • Represent small, medium and large organizations

We understand enterprise computing; we make this stuff work for our companies and organizations. And as we define it, "enterprise" is not an indicator of "size" of an organization, but an attitude and style of computing. Through networking, information, education, and member benefits, we're here to provide solutions to the real IT problems and challenges your business faces every day.

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Encompass Mission

Encompass exists to ascertain and deliver the unbiased technical knowledge required to allow members, and their organizations, to successfully deploy complex state-of-the-practice IT systems.

Encompass has three primary missions:

  1. To provide and encourage the exchange of information on enterprise computing, specifically as related to the products, services, technologies, and directions of Hewlett-Packard Corporation.
  2. To actively and visibly foster dialogue between HP (its partners) and the Encompass community regarding direction of products, services, and/or technologies.
  3. To provide peer-to-peer networking opportunities, enabling technical knowledge exchange and providing opportunities for members' professional growth.

Encompass will be viewed as the HP IT community's choice for enterprise computing technical education, networking and industry influence.

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Encompass Strategic Values

  1. We value our relationship and partnership with HP.
  2. We value bi-directional advocacy channels as a means to educate and support the industry while influencing HP.
  3. We value the world class technical expertise of our participants.
  4. We value volunteerism, providing opportunities for members of the HP IT community to participate in Encompass activities.
  5. We value running the organization like a business, being a viable and sustainable entity.
  6. We value candor and objectivity.
  7. The information we exchange is more valuable when it is shared in an open, objective forum.
  8. We far prefer the unvarnished "straight scoop" to any other version.

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Encompass Strategic Goals

  1. Expand the Encompass community by providing new opportunities for members through diversified educational offerings and alliances with like-minded organizations.
  2. Recruit and retain key volunteer leaders from the HP industry in order to enable Encompass to support its strategic initiatives and remain a volunteer driven organization.
  3. Strengthen and develop the educational content offerings while continuing to ensure that the content addresses the changing nature of the technology industry.
  4. Develop opportunities to work with HP and its business partners in order to deliver value to the Encompass community.

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